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This morning Mack awoke COMPLETELY SOAKED from tee-tee.  This has happened for weeks and weeks and weeks.  The issue is that he puts his hand down his pants…I know, too much information…anyway, I know he will outgrow this.  At least I really, really hope so!!!  We make him go to the bathroom right before bed.  He wears a pull-up at night, but still–he wakes up wet.

This morning I said, “Oh, Mack.  Good Night!  What are we gonna do about this?”  I then began thinking about not giving him any drink after 5:30, and I said out loud, “I am just gonna have to cut you off.”  MEANING, I would cut him off from drinking too late.  He thought I meant cut him off, literally.  He looked at me perplexed and said, “I don’t want you to cut me off, Mama.”

I cleared things up quickly, though maybe if I had made him think I was gonna cut him off he would stop putting his hand down there!!!!  UGH.

4 thoughts on “Quick Story

  1. i am LOL!! that is hilarious!!! 🙂 i’m about to wet my pants!! i will let you know when it gets better…jud STILL does that, but he doesn’t wet his bed usually. but we don’t let him drink after dinner. we have also used bribery…”if you wake up without wetting you will get a treat!” that definitely works! good luck!!

  2. that is hilarious! i can just see the look of fear in his precious little face! glad you cleared it up for him! 🙂

  3. Kristy, have just read some of the months I’ve missed, what a wonderful blog. Your children are growing up so fast, can’t believe Mack is almost 3. We’re hoping to see yo guys soon, don’t know about Easter but we’ll try. Please tell everyone we love them. REjoice, Aunt Pep

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