“Sick Day”

Today has been one of those lay-around-the-house-and-do-nothing days.  For the kids, at least.  After the movie, Mack wanted a snack.

He ended up dumping them out and gathering all sorts of kitchen utensils to play with.

Molly jumped in on the fun.

Molly pretended to be on the phone for a lot of the afternoon.  She was talking to “Sarah” who had “a one hundred and fifty six fever.”

Sounds serious.

Mack came up from the basement (I didn’t know he even went down there!) with some more stuff.  I asked him what in the world he was doing with all of that!!!!

He said to me, “Mama!  I have to go fishin’!!”

I see.  Nice Barbie fishin’ pole.

And please don’t judge me because he has a cold and is without a shirt.  I can only do so much.  He accidentally pee’d all over his shirt and undies and bathroom floor.  I cleaned him up, put on a pull-up (he’s drinking a lot of fluids to get better), put on his jeans and then got sidetracked before I got around to going upstairs to get him a shirt.  He is now fully dressed.

Here’s to hoping tomorrow is a bit more productive.

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