TRYING to stay awake….

In an effort to NOT take a nap and wake up groggy for a church meeting, I have decided to post some pictures from a fun lunch today.  (Thank you, Coleen and Mandy for cleaning half of the kitchen up…it was so easy for me to finish up!!!)  The Verners, The Thrashers and The Cross’ all came over for lunch after church.

The Verner family have three kids–Rachel, Ashley and Jacob

The Thrasher family has two kids–Anna and Jackson

The Cross family has two kids–Carter and Carson

All together there were 8 adults and 10 kids!  It was so fun.  The kids had pizza while the adults ate baked potato soup, salad, and corn muffins.  Brownies and ice cream were for dessert.  The kids all played well together and it is always nice to talk to other adults!  We only had one MAJOR CRAZY MOMENT small issue, but all was well, and we can all say that the Lord is our Protector.  Moving on.

Here are some pictures from the afternoon:

DSC_0002Above you see Jackson pushing the stroller (he has an older sister, too!), Carter and Rachel looking like they are about to knock each other out with the sticks, Carson standing there needing to go to the potty, and then Ashley, Ruby, and Jacob, whom you can barely see….Mack and Anna And Molly were not in on this pic

DSC_0003Jacob Verner…how cute is he?!

DSC_0018Ruby and Ashley

DSC_0021Carson—only a real man can ride a pink scooter and wear a pink helmet.  Safety first, that is what I always say.

DSC_0027Anna and Molly.  These girls were too cute together.  I think they could come up with a very sneaky plan one day, so we better keep a close eye out on these two!

DSC_0030Here we have Micheal Verner with his son, Jacob.  Also, there is Josh with Mack.  This is so neat because Mike and Josh grew up together…they went to nursery together!!!  Long time friends.   Maybe Jacob and Mack can be buds since they both have two older sisters…they will need some guy time.

DSC_0009And this is Mandy with Jackson.  He was trying to get away, but she caught him!

We are always so glad to have people over and enjoy a meal together.  Josh and I are blessed to have so many friends at church, especially.  We love spending time with them and getting to know them better.

Now let me go find something else to keep me awake for another 20 minutes.  I hear the hum of Josh snoring…very tempting to go lie down, but I will not do it, cannot do it, won’t do it………….

2 thoughts on “TRYING to stay awake….

  1. looks like ya’ll had a blast! okay, i’ve got to ask….what was the “major crazy moment”??? i mean the small issue!?? i’m dying to know! you left us hanging! haha!

  2. Love the post! Thanks so much again for having us over. So much fun! And yes, we will definitely be watching out for Anna & Molly…sneaky girls!

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