Wow.  Josh and I were with the kids all day…that’s kind of how it works when you’re the parents, it seems.  Both of us like to be together, so we don’t take many opportunities to get away by ourself.  Even when Josh encourages me to go get a coffee in the evening I feel torn because #1-I want to have family time. #2- I like being with him. #3- I know how hard it can be by yourself with all three.  We both can handle them on our own, of course, but it is so nice when an extra set of hands are there to help!  And just having an adult to talk to makes a huge difference.  SO, today was filled with some fun times and some discipline times.  The children are having a hard time listening and obeying the first time.  My voice has been a little hoarse, and I think it has a lot to do with saying everything I say three or four or sixty-five times.  We started moving bedtime up by 10 minutes for each disobedient act that we KNOW they understand….like putting shoes in the bin at the back door or not putting the library books back in their bag, etc, etc.  It’s so funny because as Josh was telling them specifically about obeying the first time and how he only wants to help them and that is why there are consequences to disobedience, I cannot help but think of our Heavenly Father and how the discipline He sends my way is for my good.  The sooner I learn to embrace the consequence and change my behavior, the easier life will be!  I remember my mom telling me that I would have it so good if I would just do what I knew I was supposed to do.

Ruby is the one that has the least offenses, yet she is the one who shows the most remorse over any discipline.  Interesting.  Molly is starting to be more sorry for her bad behavior, and Mack, well……he is still so young….at least that is what I keep telling myself.

I am so thankful for a godly husband who leads so wonderfully, especially with our kids.  I am also thankful he gave the ok for some time away TOGETHER, alone.  We are going to make it our Christmas present to each other, hire Ms. Ashley for (hopefully) two nights and leave the kids with her with a pantry full of pizza, nuggets, and cookies!  They will have a blast, and we will, too!   And Ms. Ashley might appreciate some Christmas money.  Let me go email her……  Good night!

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