Something Funny

The whole week has consisted of this:

DSC_0002And this:

DSC_0003And lots of this:




Josh has taken Ruby to the doctor because she has been throwing up since Wednesday night and is keeping nothing down and still has fevers.  She woke up this morning and said in as cheery of a voice as she could muster up, “Can we go to Grans?!  I feel good.  I do.”  Three minutes later she was hugging the toilet.  Poor thing.

I slept upstairs in Molly’s room with her.  Their beds are HORRIBLE.  I have to get some sort of mattress pad to make them more comfortable for the girls.  They are really, really bad.  Molly and I ended up on the couch at 2:00 this morning.  She wanted a popsicle.  I gave it to her.  Then, she wanted a pop-tart.  I gave it to her and got one for me, too.  She asked me all sorts of crazy questions and wanted stories about anything and everything.  I told them for as long as I could, then we went to sleep, and I slept a million times better on the couch with Molly than in Ruby’s bed!  Mack woke us all up early this morning, as he had slept uninterrupted for the last 12 hours.

And I have absolutely nothing positive to say at the moment in regards to this weekend that was supposed to consist of me enjoying time alone, uninterrupted meals, reading a book or two, sleeping til whenever, and more—or less, depending on….ME………..

I will tell this funny story.  Molly was watching ANNIE this morning.  (There’s been a lot of movie-watching!)  “Rooster,”  the crazy brother of Mrs. Hannigan, started singing the song, Easy Street.  Mack, in full JOSH-FASHION, says, “Mama, Why that man sing in the movie?”  It cracked me up because Josh does NOT understand musicals.  He thinks it is crazy that people bust into song in the middle of conversation.  So, once again, Mack shows how much he is like his Daddy at such a young age.

Now, somebody go have a great weekend.  Somebody, anybody……