I don’t think I have mentioned this here, but I thought that this week was TKA’s Fall Break and that Ruby and I would be “foot-loose-and-fancy-free” to do whatever, whenever.  However, I was wrong.  Very wrong.  All my plans of the Aquarium, the Zoo, the  museum, etc are off.  Josh had even started planning a possible two-night camping trip for us at the end of the week!  I should never rely on what I THINK is going on and should always refer to my calendar first.  The kids did find a tent to play in though.





They had fun with this tent for quite a while.  I should have taken a picture of the tent after they were done with it…it was not exactly in the same shape as when they started.

And though we won’t be going camping, Josh and I are going to PF Changs tonight for some time away.  Lettuce wraps, yum.  Uninterrupted conversation with Josh, nice.  Quiet car ride, unimaginable.  Ahhhhh……I am really looking forward to it.

Quick story:  Today while we were riding to pick up Molly from her Music class, I turned around and said, “I love you, Mack.”  He looked at me and said in a sweet voice, “Sanks.” (thanks)

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  1. Oh, Kayla really wants to go camping. We have a little “play” tent that they have been enjoying this week. I’m not a camper, especially this fall!. Marc is planning on camping in the backyard with her sometime soon. She insists that when you camp you have to sit on logs, so I guess he’ll have to find some of those too!

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