Messy day at school

I always thought those commercials with the mom trying to figure out how to get the stains out of her kid’s shirts were a bit of an exaggeration.  I don’t think that anymore.


DSC_0007Wow.  Fun day at school with extended recess= lots and lots of stain stick applied all over this white shirt.  🙂  I think I will only buy navy shirts when Mack starts school.

Conversations around here

Ruby- “For all have sinned and bon jour for the glory of God.”  Romans 3:23

Me- “It is actually, ‘FALL SHORT’ of the glory of God.”

Ruby- Like this?  (she falls to the floor then walks like she is short)

Me- “No.  Like, you don’t do and can’t do everything perfect to meet God’s standards.”

Ruby- “Like this?”  (she falls to the floor then walks like she is short, again)

Me- “Let’s talk about this when your Daddy gets home.”


Molly is climbing through a fence to try and get in where horses are…horses that I don’t know, she doesn’t know and could get upset with her in their territory….

Me- “Molly, get back on this side of the fence or I will whip your tail.” (said half-jokingly)

Molly- “I don’t have a tail!”  (laughing and laughing)

Mack- “Me have tail?”  (as he looks behind him)


Molly- “I’m in the hospital and I am having a this bear, but it is really a baby.”


Molly- “Daddy, lay down so I can give you a shot.”

Josh- “OK.”

Molly-“This shot is in your face.”

Josh- “My face?  Goodness.”

Molly- “Now I am going to give you a shot on your feet.”

Josh- “My goodness, Molly, you pick horrible places to give shots.”



After hearing a lot of talking and laughing, Josh went upstairs to tell the girls to settle down.  He had to go back up there a little while later because of the noise.  He turned their CD player down and told them to not turn it up, stay in bed and go to sleep.  As soon as he closed the door he heard Ruby tell Molly, “Go turn it up just a little bit.”  He opened the  door and Molly said, “Ruby told me to!!!”  Josh got on to them, turned off the CD player completely and left the room.  They got mad about it.  He stood there at the door and heard Molly say something like, “I don’t like Daddy” a couple of times.  He waited a minute, then went back in and gave them hugs and kisses and told them that he loved them no matter how mad they ever got at him.

Molly’s reply was, “Daddy.  Tell Mama I love her and want her to get me dressed in the morning.”

You would have thought she wasn’t paying him any attention.  BUT, this morning at breakfast Molly asked me if she got up in the night.  I told her no, but that Daddy did have to go up to her room because of all of the noise she and Ruby were making.  Then, she said, “Yeah, Daddy said he loved us even if we don’t like him.  Even if we say we don’t like him, he still loves us.”  She was listening and even remembered it this morning.  If the four and five year old stage is like this, I wonder what the fourteen and fifteen year old stage will be like!