Monkey Cheese….or something like that!

Mack was evidently confused, and who wouldn’t be in such chaos, that the whole time we were at CHUCK E. CHEESE’s, he kept calling the mouse MONKEY CHEESE.  The loud noise, the bright colors, the kids running everywhere, parents just wandering around—all of it could easily be confused with Monkey Joe’s.  Well, minus all the huge jumpy things.

We threw a party for Muhammed, a young boy here from Iraq having surgery on his leg to stretch his leg to be the same, or close to the same, length as his other leg.  He is so sweet.  His dad is so nice, too!  I asked Josh to find out when his birthday was.  We had no idea it was coming up within two weeks of when Josh asked.  Our friend, Ron, said Muhammed would love to go to Chuck E. Cheese’s.  Great!  We love that place….sort of.  BUT, it is the birthday boy’s decision!




DSC_0044As you can see, there was plenty of dancing going on.  Ruby really liked being in front of that camera.  Molly was busy keeping an eye out on when the big Chuck E. Cheese would be walking around.  She wanted to stay far, far away from him.


DSC_0047Ruby and Muhammed

DSC_0054Mack and Karissa sharing  this truck.

DSC_0058Mack And Chuck E.

DSC_0065Molly and a mechanical horse…let’s hope she never moves on to a mechanical bull in her life.   I would have gone wrong, very wrong somewhere.

DSC_0074Annie posing in the princess carriage!  She is very comfortable in there.

DSC_0073If this photo ever screamed for a caption, it would have to be:  “Please, dear goodness, put me back in the womb.  This is the craziest place ever!”

DSC_0094Muhammed and his friend and Chuck E.

DSC_0096There were many families from our SS class there with their kids.  There were other families there and the doctor and some nurses that have worked with Muhammed since he got here.  We are so thankful that the Lord brought this opportunity to us and allowed us to be a part of what He is already doing.

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