PJ Day!

DSC_0002Ruby is having Pajama Day in her Kindergarten class, and she was sooooo excited about it!  She woke up extra early, took off her pajamas to put on her new pajamas!  I bought pajamas because I didn’t want her to go in a thin little Disney princess gown or in mis-matched pj’s.

DSC_0003Ruby’s daddy said, “Those don’t even look like pajamas!”  It isn’t bad that he said it, but that he said it in front of her!  I gave him THE LOOK.  Thankfully Ruby didn’t catch on to what he said, even though he said it every time he saw them and every time she talked about pajama day!  She got to bring her favorite stuffed animal (a tiny schnauzer dog that fit perfectly in a pocket in her back pack) and a favorite game (Bingo Bears).  She is going to have a great day!

DSC_0006Mack is having his own Pajama Day here at the house!

Happy Friday.

3 thoughts on “PJ Day!

  1. Awe…what cute pj’s…I have to agree with Josh, but…let’s keep that quiet, huh? I wish we had pj day at work 🙂 But some of these nuts would probably wear something inappropriate! HA HA!

  2. marcy’s comment made me lol! haha! those “pajama’s” are cute, but why didn’t you just let her wake up and go in the ones she slept in!? you’re no fun! 🙂

  3. I love Ruby’s PJs. When I was still teaching, we had PJ Day every year. I had a pair of PJs that I saved just for that day. I’m like Ruby, I don’t wear pajamas; I like gowns better but they are not appropriate for PJ Day. That was the busiest day of the year for me. The students did Accelerated Reader plus other activities. I spent the day checking out hundreds of books and going to rooms when computers were giving them trouble. I’m surprised Ruby didn’t take her favorite pillow as well. That was wonderful fun – stretching out on the floor with your head on your favorite pillow while the teacher read a good book. I agree with you; she is going to have a fun day.

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