Ruby asked me to help her fill out her “Mystery Clubber” paper for Sparks.  She had to tell about herself….like her favorite color, favorite game, favorite school subject and favorite vacation, etc.  She said, “My favorite vacation is DOLLYWOOD.”  I looked at her and said, “But you’ve never been to Dollywood.”  Her response was just, “oh.”  Her favorite school subject was something that is not a school subject…though I cannot remember what it was she actually said.  Oh well.

Oftentimes I say to the girls, “When Mack goes to B-E-D, we will read books.”  (or have a snack or go outside or whatever)  Usually it is just to get them to stop asking for things and let me get one of these children down before I have to deal with the other two.  So yesterday Ruby was wanting something out of the pantry and she leaned over to whisper in my ear, “When Mack goes to B-I-N can I get a marshmallow?”  It was so funny.  I am not sure what a BIN for Mack would look like, but if it would keep him still and quiet, then I need to know more about the B-I-N.

We went to the Library today.  Today was story time.  We got there early so we could return our other books and pick out some new ones.  Ruby walks in and does just as she is supposed to…finds a book, sits on a couch and flips quietly through it.  Molly goes to the computers where I tell her several hundred times to get away from them b/c we didn’t come to the library to play on the computer.  She finally roams around and finds something to look at.  Mack, on the other hand, runs into the library yelling something along the lines on “woooo-hoooo.”  He also tries to get on the computers, then he proceeds to take book after book off the shelves with no intention of looking through them.  He stacks up checkers on a table only to knock them over and laugh ridiculously.  He still just does. not. get. it.  I got on to him one time and made him stay with me and sit by me in the book aisle.  He kept crying and saying, “I want Daddy.  I want Daddy.”  I started to join him in his cry for help, but I thought better of it.  Mack was also horrible in the grocery store as he sits halfway out of the car part of the cart.  He slides his hands on the floors as I push the cart.  That’s not dangerous—not to mention dirty!  Then, when I had my fill of all the morning brought my way, I told him to get out of the cart and get into the car.  “NO,”  he said.  Then he started honking the horn in the car part of the cart.  I pulled him out and planted his feet firmly on the concrete, pointed my finger in the direction he should go, and he didn’t go!!!!  I got a hold of him, put him in seat and buckled him in as tightly as he could be buckled.  He was whining and saying to me, “NOT NICE, Mama.  Not Nice!!!!!”

Oh my word.  This has been an exhausting Thursday.  I wanted it to be fun.  It wasn’t.  Oh well.  We’ll try again tomorrow.

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  1. i am lol!! i too know what it’s like to have such good intentions of having a “GOOD” day and it all go down the drain!! sometimes kids can be such stinkers! don’t worry, mack will soon “get it”…and when he does, can you please have him explain it to kaybeth! haha!

  2. Now that I have a girl toddler I am convinced that boys are just more…ummm…fun-loving and exploritive. (I was going to say ornery).

  3. I wish all days could be fun days but, unfortunately, they seem to be hiding from me. Sorry your Thursday was definitely not fun. And while this last potty training adventure is going on, I have a feeling there will be very few fun days ahead until my baby “gets” the hang of it.

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