Gorgeous Day!


DSC_0004It was most definitely the most gorgeous day we have had in a while.  The skies were clear and so very blue.  The sun was warm; the wind was blowing just enough to make it a perfect temperature.

Ruby had school all day.  Molly had her Art and Music class at church.  Mack and I went to Target to find Ruby pajamas for Friday–Pajama Day at her school!  How fun.  Mack and I really enjoy that little bit of time with just the two of us.  I told him the girls were going to school and it was our turn to just have Mack and Mama time.  He said, “Go to the sto’? (store)”  I guess we have a pattern here.  We have fun!


Today while I was starting dinner, I looked outside and saw the kids:

DSC_0008I didn’t know what they were doing at first…

DSC_0009Then, I saw that they were enjoying a magazine that Gran sends them each month.  They were so cute!!!  They enjoyed playing outside for a long time this evening.








3 thoughts on “Gorgeous Day!

  1. oh my! your house looks gorgeous too! yesterday was a beautiful day here too! we can’t wait to come visit next weekend!

  2. Love the pics of the 3 of them outside together….so precious. Balances out those difficult and trying times!! 🙂

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