As promised: Molly, Augusta, potty-training gone bad

DSC_0003Molly had a friend over, GiGi, last week.  She loves this girl and her whole family!  GiGi was here while her family went to buy her some birthday presents.  The girls just played and played and were very sweet to one another.  I am so glad Molly is starting to come out of her shell and be a bit more personable around others.  She talks non-stop here at home, but usually hesitates to talk to people out in public.  She is a sweet little girl, that Molly.

DSC_0006I helped give a shower for my long-time friend, Kelly, last weekend in Augusta.  It was so fun and so good to see people I haven’t seen in a long time.  Kelly and I used to ride the bus to Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School in downtown Augusta.  I clearly remember the day our bus driver almost wrecked.  Our lives flashed before our eyes as we sat on the very first seat together.  We also played the violin many times together.  We went to church together for many years and attended the same high school.  She and her husband, Billy, even lived in Canton…so close to us.  Now they are back in Augusta.  Our families still keep in touch, and I am so grateful!  

Here is Kelly (green) with Amanda (purple), her sister….who is also pregnant.  How fun!


And also at the shower was Natalie.  She and I have been friends almost as long as I have been friends with Kelly.  I remember vividly being in a fifth grade Sunday School class with her and Kelly. She taught me how to eat pop-tarts with butter on them!  She has a sweet baby boy named Carson.



So after getting home and being unmotivated to do anything around the house, I thought I would distract myself with seeing if Mack was ready to be potty-trained.  I mean, clearly I don’t have enough going on with trying to pack up this house, get it rented, move into a new house, etc, etc……..

DSC_0127It didn’t go so well.  That is ok.  I will try again this time next year.

Here are some pictures from my trip to Augusta:

DSC_0102Jud, Kaybeth, and Cacy (my sister, their mama)


DSC_0117My Daddy, My Mama, and Kaybeth

DSC_0123We drove from Aunt Cacy’s house to my parent’s house, which is about 1 minute down the road, and these three kids rode in the back of my car.  My dad swerved back and forth and they laughed so hard that Jud pee’d in his pants, for real.  

DSC_0125Uncle Jesse, Aunt Marcy (my sister), Rennison, and Vance…what a cute family.


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  1. thanks for being so dedicated to updating your blog! it is great seeing all your pics and your kids! loved having you and ruby here this past weekend!

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