Time for a list

I think today is a list day…and maybe some pictures….all to help me sort out my mind on this Monday morning.

1. We took the kids to see UP last night.  Josh and I enjoyed it and the kids seemed to, but there were many perilous moments filled with growling, mean dogs, shot guns, etc….Not sure we made the best decision.  We’ll stick with G-ratings from now on.  At least we didn’t see the 3-D version; they may have been scarred for life!

2. I stayed home from church yesterday because Molly had a fever on Saturday evening with some stomach issues.  I terribly miss church when I don’t get to go.  We’ve all been dealing with her crazy requests “because I don’t feel very good.”

3. Mack has been sleeping in his big boy bed since Friday night.  So far, so good.  Sunday morning he did wake up at 6:00am and push the gate down to get out of his room.  

4.  I paid bills on line and realized I might have overlooked our car payment.  I fretted over it, but then realized I actually made three car payments in April.  What in the world was I thinking?  I mean, we can all agree there wasn’t much thinking involved.

5.  Ruby is starting to wash her self in the tub.  And she is loving being able to brush her own hair.  Little by little she is becoming more independent.  I love it.

6.  I am doing a Bible Study on how to know my role as a woman and how to defend my mind and my marriage.  I am learning so much and am so thankful for the Word of God that renews my mind and helps me in all situations.  The spiritual warfare has been a bit “amped up.”  I am excited to see how God will be working in our lives over the next few weeks.  I am praying that the Lord will confirm the works of our hands and that the beauty of the Lord would shine upon us.  He has a plan;  I want to trust Him more.

7. I am going to do some role-playing with the girls today in an effort to teach them manners and how to introduce themselves, etc.  We’ll see how it goes.


DSC_0016Mack was a huge help to Josh as they put up the big boy bed we borrowed from the Anderson’s.





I have more pictures, but they are being difficult this morning.  And in an effort to not spend the whole morning on this silly computer, I give up.  Here’s to a productive Monday!

3 thoughts on “Time for a list

  1. WOW! A big boy bed? No more cribs in the Dorminy house??? It has been 5 years! What a monumental time!?!? Our big “crib” deal these days is that Rennison’s rails had to go up to the highest point b/c she wants to leap over the top 🙂 How exciting for Mack to be in his BIG BOY BED! Whoo Hoo!

  2. wow! congrats to mack! poor molly…hope she is feeling better. jud hasn’t been himself lately either. he keeps coughing and saying “my need to go to the doctor! my sick!” haha! too cute…well, maybe the first 10 times, but after that it’s rather annoying! 🙂 tell ruby that is great that she can and will wash herself! jud likes to wash too. he really LOVES lots of soap~we have to watch him! (and of course wash him again-he’s not too thorough!) hope you have a productive monday~can’t wait for more pics!

    1. Hey Kristy- cute pics!! I also can’t believe you don’t have a crib up at your house any more. Sad! 🙂

      What’s the name of the study you mentioned? Someone recently mentioned a Gail McDonald study to me, which sounds similar to what you were describing. I was thinking of starting that one, I just can’t remember the title now! Thanks!!

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