This week has been so busy.  The girls went to Vacation Bible School all week and loved it.  We had to be in the car by 8:30 am each morning.  

Mack and I got some things done while the girl’s were at church.  Monday included a stop by the drycleaners, the post office, the car wash and Wal-Mart.  I went home to unload all the groceries and put them away and then it was time to go back and get the girls.

Tuesday was our TJ Maxx and Target day.  That took up our whole time, too.

Wednesday we came home so I could bake homemade cinnamon rolls for their teachers.  That took up the whole time…and I got the bathroom clean and did some laundry.  Jed, Alex, Faith, Ella and Annie all came over after VBS to celebrate Jed’s 5th birthday party.  The kids got crazy with the water and had a lot of fun.  Annie and Ella stayed all day.  I even gave them back to their mama and daddy clean from head to toe.  I was so proud that it worked out that way.  

Thursday, Mack and I went to Wal-Mart again to make a care package for Katherine, Ruby’s friend who fell and busted her upper lip/cheek area.  She couldn’t finish her VBS week, so we thought a visit might help her feel better.  I also got a hair cut Thursday night.

Today I dropped off the kids, went to see our new house’s landscape being put in, then cleaned my car out, then came home to vacuum my stairs and do more laundry.  Then, when I went to pick up the girls I had to hold back the tears.  The teachers have been so wonderful to them, and they have learned so much and  made some good friends.  I have such fond memories of VBS growing up…and I am so thankful that my kids are a part of such a phenomenal church that does so much to make sure the children are taken care of, have a great time and feel very loved.  By the end of the week Molly was playing and had made new friends.  I am so proud of her!  Ruby survived without Katherine, and she wasn’t sure she could.  I am proud of her, too.  She really remembers those Bible Stories!  

Ruby seems to be “getting it” as far as being kind.  She has gone out of her way to do some nice things for Molly or to let her go first at different times.  And Molly, surprisingly, apologized out loud to Ruby with NO prompting from me.  (You know, usually I have to say something like, “You apologize to your sister right now or you will never get to have another popsicle again.  Ever.”  Somehow I just don’t think that is so effective.)  I was so proud of her for apologizing to Ruby this morning and being specific about what she did wrong.   Little glimpses of hope that go a long way for this Mama!

Here are some pictures from this week:
DSC_0003 All the kids and Jed with his cake

DSC_0013Mack and Ella hanging out in the tubs of water!

DSC_0017Jed shooting water on the slide so that the girls slide down super-fast!

DSC_0023Annie and Ella in one of many outfit changes.

DSC_0029Tuesday morning of VBS

DSC_0058Friday morning of VBS….

I promise Ruby was happy about going.  She has just recently gotten to where she doesn’t want to take a picture.  She even said to me this morning, “I don’t want you to put a picture of me on the blog.”  I told her I wouldn’t put it on the blog and she replied to me, “I know you are gonna put it on the blog, Mom.”  Is she 5 or 15?!

Also, on the first two days I was very sure that the girls were bathed and all cute in what they were wearing.  By Friday they picked out their own clothes and didn’t get a bath the night before.  And it was perfectly fine.  Ruby has got this thing about not wanting to wear anything with ruffles.  Any shirt that has a ruffle on it will not go over well with her.  It makes me crazy.  I guess I just need to get over it, huh?


This is the birthday plate from Ruby’s party.  She chose this design with her hand print as the sun and the thumbprints of her friends as the flowers.  I think it turned out so cute and will prove to help us remember her 5th birthday party.

DSC_0056And here are the piggy banks that my girls painted at the party.  I will be delivering the rest of them to all of her friends very soon!

DSC_0065After VBS, we went to Sonic to get the kids a slushee and a hamburger.  Molly is all about the drink.

DSC_0061Mack and Ruby kept getting BRAIN FREEZES……SO FUNNY!


So all in all, a wonderful week was had by all.  I think I will go lie down for a minute or four hundred. 

Happy Friday!

4 thoughts on “WHAT A WEEK!

  1. Mack’s brain freeze picture is the greatest! Thanks so much for taking Parker to his class the other day! He would never have made it in time without you; I didn’t have any helpers until 9:05.

  2. Thanks again for keeping the girls while we had a great night out. That Ella and Mack are two of a kind. I’m going to have to have that picture you took of the two of them sucking their thumbs on the couch. Too cute!

  3. cute pics! i LOVE the brain freeze pics the best! so funny! we had VBS this week too and the kids LOVED it! i loved it too…all the kids there were very sweet and so wanted to know about jesus! wish we lived closer so our kids could go to VBS together!

  4. i love reading your stories 🙂 your kids are adorable…we are preg with our second…they will be 16 months apart. makes me a little nervous, but i love seeing how good yours get along!

    erin (hilley) lairsey

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