DSC_0032Rub-a-dub-dub, Three Kids in a Tub

DSC_0095_2Ruby having fun going down the wet slide





Well, I finally was able to get the pictures to upload correctly.  Now I am off to bed.  I wish I could list all that I did today!  But why would I bore both of you?  I can say that Monday was incredibly productive.  Incredibly.  You should see under my kitchen sink.  And I pulled a massive amount of weeds from the front yard.  Here I go…I better stop now.  

But I do have to say that I cannot get over how Molly and Mack are like two peas in a pod.  They played all day together.  Ruby just jumps in and out of their play–sometimes she just wants to annoy, while other times she truly wants to do what they are doing or at least get them to do what she wants to do.  The only time intervention is needed with Molly and Mack is when I hear her yelling at him, “NO, MACK!  You sit down.  You sit down right now.  I am the teacher.  You do what I say!”  Mack usually comes out crying for someone to help him.  Molly quickly changes her tone and all is well.  Don’t ask me where she learned such a harsh tone because I have no idea.  


3 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. You can now say “3” people read your blog cause I do too! You are such a good mama and have given me great ideas. I just wanted to tell you that Molly and Mack sound so much like me and Patrick. I feel like I’m reliving my childhood when I read about your kids 🙂

  2. love the pics! molly and mack sound like vance and kaybeth! ruby and jud are similar! haha!! too cute!

  3. Love the pics. Love the tubs. My kids bathe in tubs similiar to that…they are a little shorter and T’s is a little wider. Praying our next house has a working bath tub! You can pray with me…haha!!

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