A Great Start!

Summer time fun is here!

DSC_0012I have been dreading the pool time, if I can be quite honest.  I secretly wanted to skip swim suit season and all that it entails and hoped the kids just wouldn’t notice.  We live a stones-throw from our neighborhood pool and pass it each time we leave, so my plan wasn’t exactly realistic.  We started on June 1st with a trip to the pool.  I enlisted Mrs. Mary, of course!!!  She is a huge help, and I would not have gone without her.  It all turned out to be a lot of fun!  So much so that we got up on June 2nd and did the same thing.  Ruby said, “This is just like the same day as yesterday.”  Summer time fun.

Here’s what Ruby, Katherine and Ben did the entire time:



DSC_0013They swam and swam and swam.  I was hard-pressed to get a picture of Katherine’s face since she spent most of the time under water….in a good way…swimming her little heart out!

NOW, the other two didn’t do much swimming, but this is what you could find them doing for the most part:




DSC_0025While being an Olympic Swimmer is not on Molly’s short list of things to accomplish, she may pursue a career in modeling swimmies, catering to the older kids whose mothers have yet to invest in Swimming Lessons.  

Seriously, all Mack wanted was a Coke and a bag of chips.  Molly loved trying a little of this and a little of that from the cooler and lathering herself with sunscreen.  I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture of it, but the child sat in the shade with sunscreen and covered herself in it!  I guess it all goes back to the modeling…you can’t have wrinkled skin and be in magazines.  

We are off to Gran and PawPaw’s today to spend a few days with them.  The kids are excited for more swimming and more summer time fun!  We will be seeing Elmo LIVE! on Saturday, so that should be lots of fun, that is IF Molly isn’t horribly afraid of the big, hairy, monster that will be dancing all around the stage while we sit on the third row.  We’ll see……

OH, and since Ruby spent the night with Katherine, I let Molly sleep in Mack’s room.  We made a place for her on the floor.  They laughed and played for an hour or so, then finally Josh laid down the law (actually, he just laid down with them), they drifted off to sleep.  It was so cute.  These two play incredibly well together.  I love it.

DSC_0002Here’s to a great week and some more sleep overs in South GA!

3 thoughts on “A Great Start!

  1. That’s great! We tried a “sleepover” between the big boys and Anna last night too. ‘Tried’ being the operative word here. The boys’ mattresses were still on the floor pushed together since their beds were drying from painting them and they all wanted to sleep together on the floor. After 4 trips up to tell them to stop talking and to figure out several times who was crying and why, I finally made Anna go to her room to sleep. I think it was almost 10:30 before they were all asleep!

  2. I am crackin up at Mack with the chips and diet coke…and Molly bathing in sunscreen…good times at the pool for sure!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE summer time and our summer schedule (or lack thereof). Get up, eat breakfast, the kids do their chores while I clean up the kitchen and pack the beach bag and cooler, and we head for the Y around 9am. I workout for an hour and then we hit the pool from 10 until about 1pm. Because our Y in Augusta has one large pool, two kids/baby pools, and a cement water playground thingy, my three are going full force for the whole three hours we’re there. They sleep SOOOO good in the summer. And in the afternoon, I do a little school with Joshua and Jesse because for some reason I fear they’ll forget how to read and write if we go three whole months with no school!?! 🙂
    I feel your pain with the whole “swimsuit season” thing, but the exhaustion that my kids experience from all of the water and sunshine completely overrides my dislike for partial public nudity! 🙂 LOL!!
    Glad you’re having a great summer thus far!

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