Ok, so the title is a bit dramatic, but I am mourning today.  Mack knows how to climb out of his crib.  Am I sad that my baby is growing up?  That his once tiny legs that curled up under his body while he slept are now able to be thrown over the side of the crib?  

Not so much.

I am mourning because I promise that his nap time was my only time of solace.  

I am mourning because how I had known sleep (even with Molly’s interruptions) is changed forever.  I am telling you, it seemed I slept with one eye open all night long.  Misery.  I just knew he would get up.  And he doesn’t just get up and come to me or Josh.  He makes a straight line to Molly and Ruby’s room to wake them up.  And who’s to say he won’t just roam down stairs and make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or hunt down a diet coke?  

Seriously.  What is a mother to do?

So after three jumps out of the crib last night, he finally stayed in there…all night…but how was I to know that?!  Josh hid behind the curtains after he got out of the bed the first time so that he could see how exactly he got out of the bed.  He is a clever little dude and waits approximately 2.5 seconds after you shut the door to make his attempt to escape.  

Today I am trying “rest time.”  Usually Mack is in the crib while the girls rest on the couches looking at books or watching BETWEEN THE LIONS.  I put them all on the floor to rest.  That is what they are supposed to be doing, but it really doesn’t sound like that is what they are doing.  I will leave you with some pictures…I better go check on them…the little rascals.




We had a fun time in Albany.  I will try and write all about that tomorrow…swimming, family, food, Elmo and other monsters, and the longest drive home ever.


9 thoughts on “Mourning.

  1. Awe, at first I thought YOU were sad about the “baby” growing up…but then I remembered whose blog I was reading…j/k. But seriously, you could try a gate. I still use one for Vance. For some reason he doesn’t try to climb out. Now, he probably will tonight since I typed this. But I like it b/c if he wakes up while I’m still getting ready for work then he will just play in his room until I come get him out. Oddly enough he doesn’t cry to get out. Now I don’t leave him in there indefinitely, but at least he’s not roaming about without my knowledge 🙂 Good luck with that!

  2. Oh, but how would he get back in his crib??? DUH!~ Vance is in a bed, so that makes a difference. Nevermind my bright idea.

  3. Kristy,

    We have a toddler bed that we won’t be using for QUITE some time if you need it. Just let me know. It isn’t shaped like a castle or anything, just light wood colored and plain. You’re so funny. They all look so grown lying on their mats watching tv. Too cute.


  4. We had a similar problem with Owen (will be two this month). We decided to put a child safety cover on his door knob. He was pretty mad at first, but after a few days, he stopped trying to get out of his room when he was supposed to be in bed, because he knew he COULDN’T! I would definitely recommend a big boy bed, so he can at least get back in there when he realizes there’s no escaping his room. 🙂

  5. Too cute with them all lying on the floor during rest time. Do they actually stay there? My child would NOT.

  6. So sorry to hear about your escapee. I know how important rest time is. Have you considered a crib tent. We used one when Naomi was born but that was to keep Hudson out of the crib. He may freak out??????

  7. Gigi did this at 13 months. I thought our lives were over. I then invested $70.00 in a crib tent. Well worth every penny! Will has adjusted nicely to the tent as well. He didn’t crawl out as quick as Gigi did, but- we had it when he did! It is a little sad to see their faces as you zip them in, but I couldn’t sleep with one eye open!

  8. i’m with marcy on this one. i think you need to change his crib to a bed and put a gate up! that’s what we did with jud…until he figured out how to undo the gate!! haha! he was actually tall enough (or got a toy to step on) to undo the gate! anyway, i really worry about kids hanging/choking themselves when trying to get out of a crib!?! hope i’m not making things worse!?! anyways, go with the toddler bed and gate. don’t you remember helping me when jud wouldn’t stay in his room!? you had great advice and it worked…i think it was beat em’ til’ he bleeds! HA!HA! TOTALLY JOKING!! 🙂 seriously, your advice worked…good luck!

  9. this just came to me…why not just let him sleep with one of the girls!? doesn’t molly LOVE on mack all the time!?! our kids slept great together while we were at the beach! and believe me…i know how you feel! i think kaybeth is fixing to start trying to get out of her crib too! it really STINKS!

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