Ruby’s Party

DSC_0003Ruby had a great time at her birthday party.  She loved having so many of her friends around her.  She loved wearing her new sassy shirt and skirt, too.  She even slept in them and has the outfit on today.  Oh, the battles I choose not to fight.  

DSC_0007_2We had the party at EARTH, PAINT AND FIRE.  The kids painted a piggy bank, then had ice cream and cake, opened presents and went on their way.  It all turned out just fine, but I would have rather had the party at our own house out in the back yard…I just thought we would have been moving by now, so I decided to plan for another place to have the party.  Ruby had fun, so that is what matters most.  

DSC_0008Molly was there, of course.  She loved wearing the apron, though it caused much confusion and a mess at potty time.  Thank goodness I had some old clothes of Mack’s in the back seat to give to a friend.  And thank goodness for Mrs. Mary who took care of the situation completely.  What a mess. 

DSC_0009Katherine, sweet Katherine, was there!  She made two sweet cards for Ruby to bring to the party since she had given her two other presents already!  She is such a good friend to Ruby, and I know we would have had to re-schedule the party if she wasn’t able to be there.  So thankful for the Koester family.

DSC_0012Mark was brave and brought both of his adorable girls to the party, and we were so glad he did!  They are both sweet, yet both as different from one another as they can be.  Ella did great in the potty area!  And you should have seen her pig!  All covered in paint.  

DSC_0020And here is Lily (the blonde) who was in Ruby’s dance class both years they took.  She is such a doll.  Faith is in the green shirt.  She is a sweet, sweet girl, too.  I love her whole family!  We are so thankful for the friends the Lord has given to us and to our kids so far in their life.

DSC_0027This is Kayla working intently on her pig.  She and Ruby have the same birth day!  And they get along so well.  We hope that they get to stay together as they move into the Elementary Department in the Fall since her last name starts with “E.”  Ruby would LOVE that.

DSC_0032Here are the boys of the party…Jed, Mack, and Ben.  Jed is a fire-ball, and we love him.  His mom and I were pregnant at the same time, so they have been friends since before birth!  He was the life of the party.  While the girls sat and painted, he let the balloons go and they got stuck in the ceiling fan!  He cracks us up.  So glad he was there.  And Ben didn’t realize he was invited, so he was hanging out with his dad until Ruby said, “What?  Ben’s not coming to my party?!”  Mrs. Mary made a call and then Ben showed up!  Ruby was glad, but Mack was even more glad.  We are glad Ben was there.

DSC_0035The whole gang painting

DSC_0049The whole gang eating






DSC_0069Ruby got great gifts!  We will be writing our thank you notes once I search this house up and down to find the cute Hello Kitty ones that I bought to go along with the whole theme…they are here somewhere!!!  In this picture she is holding up the cookies that Merrilee gave to her as part of her gift.  She loves those cookies!!  By the way, have I introduced Merrilee to the blog?  I may should ask first, but since I have already mentioned her, let me show you a picture…I like to put faces with names.


Isn’t she cute?!  She is very nice, too.  I like her a lot…which I am sure is so important to Jason, and surely he will ask me what I think very soon…surely.


DSC_0044She was showing Katherine her compact and purse that came off of her cake.

DSC_0074Molly HAD a cute orange skirt on when we got there…this is AFTER the apron confusion in the girl’s room.

DSC_0026The DADS — supervising that side of the table  (the side with perfect Annie, Molly with the bathroom incident, Ella with all her paints mixed and Jed who let the balloons go into the ceiling fan!!  They were so helpful!)  Kidding.  Kidding.  So glad they were there!

So, overall, a fun-filled birthday party!  Ruby loved having a party.  She is “officially 5…now that she has had her party.”  

3 thoughts on “Ruby’s Party

  1. oh my how i wished we lived closer!! looks like everyone one had a blast! wish we could have made a piggy bank *sniff*sniff*! LOVE you all! i will call you today at nap time~we have so much to catch up on! gosh~i can’t believe ruby is 5!! WOW!!

  2. Faith had a wonderful time! Thank you so much for the invite…and for the record we love your WHOLE FAMILY TOO!!!

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