Who wet your bed?

OK, this is a new level of hilarious for me!  Mack drinks a ton of liquid each day.  Last night we had a little party for Ruby, and I gave Mack numerous juice boxes because that is what kept him occupied and sitting down.  Having Mack running around in a Pottery store was much like a bull in a china shop.  Oh my.  Soooo, he was wet from neck to knees this morning in his crib.  (It didn’t help that he unhooked his diaper on one side…don’t ask.)    Immediately after I said, “Oh, no Mack!  You are wet.”  He stood up with a bewildered look and said, “Melmo wet.”  I asked, “Is Elmo wet, too?”  He said, “Melmo wet!”  I picked Elmo up, but he managed to not get wet in the sea that Mack had made in his bed.  I asked Mack who wet his bed?  He said, “Melmo.”  He even went in and told Josh that Elmo wet his bed last night.  It was so very funny.  He says it very emphatically, like he knows we might not be believing his story.


2 thoughts on “Who wet your bed?

  1. Well, of course Melmo did it…you didn’t think sweet little Macky Boy did it, did you????????? I told the story to Vance and he grinned. He was probably thinking “hmm, now that Mack is onto something…who can I blame for my shenanigans?” HA HA! Mack is sweet!

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