Sweet Molly and Mack

Just wanted to mention that Molly has been so wonderful the past two and a half days (but who is counting?!).  Seriously, I should have mentioned that she was so sweet to Ruby on her birthday in so many ways.  I am proud of her for letting Ruby have her time to shine on her birthday!  That isn’t always easy, but she pampered her and let Ruby feel special.  Just thought I should mention it…..And Molly has told me she loved me about a thousand times in the past couple of days.  She loves me.  How sweet.

And tonight after being away from each other for two and a half hours, Mack kept saying to me, “Wid me”  I didn’t know what he meant at first, but then realized he wanted me to sit down with him.  When I told him I would sit with him, he started telling me to “walk, Mama, walk.”  I think he was saying, ‘hurry up and get over here and sit down with me!’  I sat down with him, and he was happy as could be.  Sweet kiddos.

Monkey Joes and McDonalds…

How can you go wrong with these two places and five kids?  We didn’t.  Molly made it clear from the beginning that she did not want Monkey Joe to talk to her, touch her or even look at her!  I told her that between myself and Mrs. Mary, Monkey Joe wouldn’t get near her (and then I prayed that there would be no dressed-up character at Monkey Joes to scare Molly…).

This was as close to the monkey as we got:

DSC_0053There was a whole lot of this going on:





And after Mack figured out how to get up the slide, (because those “STOP!” signs said something along the lines of mama’s cannot go up the slides because they just can’t)

DSC_0014he had fun, too…..


Though I think he would have preferred that I feed these machines with all my quarters:


DSC_0062These two were so cute on this double-elephant ride…you could see the love coming through as they went round and round and round….


Mack wasn’t so happy about having a group picture on this car though.  He was liking it much better all by himself….


After the Monkey Joes fun, we headed to McDonalds.  It poured down rain while we ate and then the kids went out to the play area.  Can you say dried, sweaty kids (from all the jumping at MJ’s) and then wet, humid, stinky kids in the play area = stinky, smelly kids?  I can say it.  They are my kids.  I rode home with them.



DSC_0110DSC_0112The girls enjoyed the ice cream, obviously….and these things (above) are the Happy Meal toys.  I do not know what they were exactly, but don’t they look like parts of a brain?  Yuck.  I plan to lose these next time we go through the car wash and clean out the car.  (that is, if it EVER stops raining here)

DSC_0117Here Ruby is apologizing to Katherine for squishing all of the roley poley bugs she found.  Ruby said to me, “Well, it’s my birthday and I don’t like Roley Poley’s on my birthday!!”  OK.  Makes sense to me.?  Poor Katherine was just trying to watch them roll around and squirm around…Ruby wanted nothing to do with it.  Right here Katherine is caressing a roley poley bug that “didn’t have a head, but that’s ok.”  

DSC_0130And a group shot of all the smelly, wet  sweet children that allowed Mrs. Mary and I to talk and talk and talk.  Adult conversation is a beautiful thing….especially when you are doing that instead of laundry and cleaning bathrooms.  

We had a very fun time!  There are more pictures, but I don’t think I have the time to post them all.  Besides, she is having a little friend party on Friday night.  Birthdays seem to linger around the Dorminy house.  Is that just normal?  It ends up being each person’s birthday WEEK.