Are y’all keeping up here?  Because I am seriously providing all six of you with new pictures and stories at a phenomenal rate.  You can thank me later.  

Alrighty, let me start this post with pictures of the cousins (note the title of this post…I am so creative).

DSC_0031_2This is sweet little Kaybeth.  She is Cacy’s youngest daughter.  And she is just a darling little girl that totally gives Vance and Jud a run for their money.  She seems so innocent, but if you don’t watch her, she will have every toy around and leave the boys to whine and cry to their mama’s!  Ok, that is a bit harsh…but she is a pistol, and I think it is hilarious!!!  You would never, ever guess it about her if you just went by how sweet she looks and acts towards us adults.

DSC_0140This is her precious big brother, Jud.  He is very social.  I saw him run and hug Sweetie EVERY TIME  he saw her for the first time.  He also would walk up to each person and wave or say hi or something.  It was so cute!  He is all boy…just a very social boy.  He is built exactly like his daddy.  It is crazy how much they look alike!  He also stopped what he was doing and pee-peed in the yard at my mom’s house.  We aren’t quite used to that around here since only two kids are potty-trained,and they are both girls.  We sit on the potty—most of the time.

DSC_0094_2Now this is Vance.  He is Marcy’s oldest.  If you know Marcy I didn’t even have to tell you that, seeing how he looks approximately exactly like her.  He played so hard the entire time we were at Sweetie and PawPaw’s house.  He was sweating and red-faced and happy as could be!  He, unfortunately, is on the receiving end of Kaybeth’s attacks.  If he wasn’t so kind he might knock her on the floor.  BUT, his mother has taught him better than that, so he just turns away and looks for someone, anyone to help him.  He ate a ton of Sconyers and let me take a million pictures of him.  He is so stinkin’ cute and still very squeezable at the ripe age of  2 and a half.  

DSC_0190And this is baby Rennison, the last of seven grandkids.  Isn’t she so cute?!  She just lays around or sits around or lets anyone carry her around.  She didn’t even freak out (like my kids would) when the dogs just came up to her and took her cracker.  And she always lets Ruby and Molly hold her even in the most awkward of positions.  She is very sweet, and I can’t wait to see how she and Kaybeth end up bossing the boys.  That will be funny to watch.


My kids have such a fun time with all of their cousins in Augusta.  They cry and cry each time we leave.  I have more pictures coming in the next few days that will show some of the fun they had.  I remember growing up with lots of cousins.  On my dad’s side there were 9 of us!  And we always had so much fun when we were together.  In all the pictures of us we look dirty, unkept….like no one took care of us.  Now I know why that is!  We must have been like all these cousins—they just play and play and play some more.  No time for being clean and neat and taking pictures.  


Dance Recital

On Saturday, May 9th, the girls had their dance recital at the church.  It was a so sweet!  We couldn’t take pictures during the performances because I can’t get the no flash pictures to turn out great when everyone is moving all around.  It was nice to just sit, watch, and enjoy!  Here are some pictures from before and afterwards:


DSC_0022PawPaw and Sweetie came to see the girls dance.  Gran and PawPaw wanted to be here, but they had just come the weekend before to see us.  Her chemo date changed at the last minute.  We were sad that they weren’t here, but they will see the video very soon!!

We went to eat Mexican afterwards, then we all headed to Augusta to spend the rest of Mother’s Day weekend.


DSC_0027Mack and Ruby ate some left over tortillas in the car.  It looks like Mack was making his into a baseball!  Crazy boy.  He did very well during the recital, though he must have eaten a pound of goldfish crackers!

DSC_0038This is a picture of Molly during the rehearsal.   She was about this excited during the actual performance, too.

DSC_0026You could tell this was Ruby’s second year of dance…check out that form….she was basically a professional!  ha.


DSC_0031And, evidently, brothers of dancers were to wear camo pants and orange shirts and play with cars and roll around on the floor.  Atleast that is what these two did!  Oh, and eat another pound of goldfish crackers.