Random Thoughts and Pictures

This week has been quite odd.  I am feeling not very “put together” and it is overflowing to my blog.  There is so much going on….so many pictures….so many stories.  I don’t know where to begin, so I am just randomly throwing this stuff out there.  

DSC_0412Only the girls hung around for all of the gift-opening and card-reading Mother’s Day weekend.  The boys were distracted and too busy.  I hope you have some sweet girls in your life that will watch you open your presents and “oooh” and “aaah” with you….nieces, daughters, granddaughters, cousins, friends,….

DSC_0328This is a piece of wood that a lady put a picture of my kids on for my Mom’s present.  It is much neater looking in person.  

DSC_0320Mack LOVES golf-carts.  He is content to sit on one all day long.  If anyone got on the golf-cart, he immediately started making his way over so that he could go wherever they were going.

CSC_0264He also loved this red & yellow car.  He learned this move from his Daddy….driving and talking on the phone.  

CSC_0331Mack was napping during this golf-cart ride.  They were all going to fish.

DSC_0394What a sweet little picture!  Vance is proud of the Mother’s Day present he made for her at Aunt Cacy’s house.  It was just precious watching him deliver it to his Mama.

DSC_0433Six of the seven grandkids are all eating together.  Somebody is going to have to scoot over when baby Rennison grows up!

DSC_0551Aunt Marcy and Aunt Cacy live on the same street as my parents, so this is how they got home that day.  It was very cute, and I assume everyone made it safely home.


Is that enough randomness????  I am going to get on with day and try to bring some order to it!  I can’t go on much longer like this.

7 thoughts on “Random Thoughts and Pictures

  1. I am LOL at the wording on your comment for our golf cart ride while pulling the wagon…”same street at my parents” sounds like we live WITH Mama and Daddy…I laugh b/c some people probably think we all live together…we call our street the Rennison Compound, but we do have separate living quarters. I know you meant to type “AS”, but I’m still laughing…ha ha ha!

  2. Very funny…I just changed the word. Wouldn’t want anyone to think of all y’all as freeloaders. ha!

  3. oh my goodness! i am lol at marcy’s comments!! too funny! love all the pics! you have been slacking on the blog lately~i have been very disappointed each morning to find no new stories! glad your back! hehehe!! 🙂

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