Just me and three kids-

Sunday morning started early…about 4:45am.  I went downstairs in search of coffee and my Bible while Josh got ready for his trip to Vegas.  Jeff was picking him up at 6am for their 8:30 flight.  ANYWAY, I got myself and three kids ready and fed and out the door by 7:40 (at breakfast Molly asked if Daddy was riding a camel to Vegas).  I valet parked at church because I wasn’t sure if it was going to be pouring down rain when church let out.  What a wonderful service that valet parking is!!!  I was thankful for it Sunday morning.  I took Ruby to her class first, and she immediately hollered out to her teacher, “My Daddy is on a plane to Vegas!”  It just didn’t sound very ummmm, wholesome.  The teacher laughed and knew that he was there on business, but still….it just didn’t sound right. After church, we ate lunch, took a nap, then got ready to be back at church for a 4:00 meeting.  Ruby had a certain outfit she had to wear because she was in the children’s musical.   She wanted to wear a navy headband to match her shirt, so I said ok.  I knew that it wasn’t the best decision, but I really was not feeling like fighting over her hair tonight.  We went to church in the rain, which is always fun when you are getting three munchkins in and out of a car and into the building.  I was seriously missing Josh at this particular point of the day.  Throw in a mean case of PMS and life was just lovely.

I kept Ruby with me until her 5:00 drop-off time, then I finished my meeting, then went and got Molly from her class because she wanted to see Ruby in the musical.  (In reality, she just wanted to sit in laps and eat crackers.)  Anyway, while walking through to get Molly I saw that Ruby’s headband was falling forward.  I asked my sweet friend, Melissa, to please go check on Ruby and make sure her headband was ok.  She fixed her headband and all was well….until I saw Ruby walk up on stage.  It was in the proper place while walking down the aisle, but then it slid.  It was at the place that it looked like a sweatband instead of a headband.  She should have been on a workout video from the 80’s instead of the Children’s Musical 2009.  THEN, in between two of the songs, she held herself because she needed to go potty, I reckon!  Good grief.  Then, my camera, my lovely camera was giving me grief.  It wouldn’t take a normal picture.  I have no idea what the issue was, so I just put it away and tried to enjoy watching Ruby sing and do her hand motions with her sweatband on her head.   I was glad when the performance was over.  We got out of there and came home.  I fixed the kids some pancakes for dinner, and then we all went to bed.  

DSC_0002Above is one picture of Ruby standing next to Katherine…as you can see, her headband is a little “off.”

DSC_0004This is a picture of the whole group.  There were a bunch of kids up there!

DSC_0004_2And here is a very blurry picture, but it is all I have!  


Today I got up and had to take Mack to an ENT appointment.  Y’all would not believe the wax that they pulled out of that boy’s right ear.  It was amazing….and disgusting.  We also did a hearing test and all checked out just fine, but we do have to go back in about 8 weeks to make sure the fluid that was on his right ear has gone away.   He was so good the whole time we were in the office.  He just sat in a chair next to me and watched every body.  He was adorable.  It wasn’t until the very end of the visit that he started saying, “Go, Mama, Go” and pointing to the Exit Door.  (The girls were at home with Mrs. Mary, Ben and Katherine…thank the Lord above for good friends!)

Tonight Ben and Katherine are spending the night with us. (Mary and John are celebrating their 13th Wedding Anniversary.)  The kids just had pizza.  Now they are playing some sort of game involving Sea Bears and a pack of penguins and all of my pillows from my furniture.  As long as they aren’t tearing the house down or hurting one another, all is well.  We will break out the popcorn and movie around 7:30 or 8:00, I suppose.  No hurry because I am doubting that sleep will be coming easy for any of them!

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  1. thanks for the laughs this morning! i told you i seriously wake up anticipating the wonderful stories i will get to read on your blog! love the comment of the 80s workout video! too funny! i was lol! anyway, have a great morning and wish i lived closer so i could help out with the kids! and vice versa!! 🙂

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