Ants and Progress

DSC_0029Smooshed pancakes, drops of syrup…..

DSC_0034A lone goldfish and some crumbs or two or ten….

DSC_0032And this sticky-faced and sicky-handed fellow…

DSC_0030Is it any wonder I find a tribe of ANTS each day in my kitchen?  They can find a feast on my floors any day of the week.  I worked hard on the kitchen this morning….very hard.  And now it is clean.  Just for now anyway.

DSC_0033I even wiped down my refrigerator and got off this purple stuff.  I should have taken “after” pictures to prove myself, but I was too tired.



Ruby was very helpful in the playroom endeavor.  Molly, not so much.  She likes to say, “but my arms are so very tired!!!!!!!!!!!”  If I push her to help she begins flailing her arms around and her body is like she has no bones in it as she lays all around on the floor.  Sometimes it is just easier to leave her out of the whole process.  I know, I know, she has to learn…and she will…eventually.  For now, my sanity is of utmost importance.

6 thoughts on “Ants and Progress

  1. can totally relate to the ant situation!? in the playroom kitchen i have been battling it out with an army of ants~and i have been winning!! i cleaned those counters from top to bottom! i have yet to do the floors…waiting to do after snack time! i also can relate to the messy playroom! my sanity goes out the window when they all don’t help!? i need to work on that! by the way the cleaning looks GREAT! wish you lived closer so you could come help me clean our house before we go to the beach! or we could at least take turns watching each others kids so we could have a “cleaning” day! miss ya’ll!!

  2. Oh you brave girl to not only TAKE a closeup of your floors, but then to POST it…I wouldn’t go there 🙂 But your playroom looks great. What is it with all those little, itty, bitty pieces of toys??? They multiply at night, I swear. Oh, and I’ll take your word for it that you cleaned the rest of the house and thoroughly as the playroom!! “The ants go marching 1 by 1, hoorah, hoorah!”

  3. Anna’s claim that she can’t help: “But I can’t walk any more! I’m soooooo tired.” In the whiniest voice possible! But Landon, at least for now, sings, “Kweem up! Kweem up! Evvybuddy evvyware. Kweem up! Kweem up!” and actually puts things away!

  4. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Payne(15),Noah(12) and
    Zeb(9) vaccum and clean toilets. Of course i double check Zeb but the other 2 are on their own. Payne even washes his own clothes(sometimes). However i do have to threaten them with no company,movie,cell phone…you get the idea, but it works.
    However, we have clean clothes laying all over the house. They can’t seem to make their way to a drawer, and we sometimes forget how to open a trash-can and just lay it on the bar. Oh-yeah they also get undressed wherever they happen to be standing, especially Zeb…haha sounds like Mack. Do you rememeber your clean clothes laying all over the sunken den on Meadowbrook?

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