Old Pictures

I am just posting two older pictures because I don’t want my floors to be what comes up all weekend on my blog.  We are gearing up for a very, very low-key Memorial Day weekend.  Things have been busy and will be busy again, so we need some down time as a family.  We enjoyed the Outlet Malls last night.  Everybody got a little something, and I found bathroom rugs for the girl’s new bathroom and a pillow for our guest room.  Hope everyone has a nice weekend.

DSC_0236Cute Ruby-Doo in one of her many dress-up outfits.

DSC_0007Here’s to lots of sitting and relaxing this weekend!

One thought on “Old Pictures

  1. I hope you have a relaxing weekend. GG, Poppa Mac, Irvin and I will probably go out for barbecue Monday since none of us are up to doing anything on the grill. I love those old pictures and am looking forward to seeing those sweet babies in person soon.

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