Sight words

Life just keeps on happening, which makes it very difficult for me to cover all the pictures from Augusta and from the dance recital!  Maybe I will try to double up on my posts.  We’ll see.  Considering the dreary rain (AGAIN), I may have time today.  It doesn’t seem like May at all to me.  I cannot believe how rainy and dreary it has been here!  Is it just me or does it really seem that way to y’all, too?  (Side note:  I just saw my cute little neighbor leave her house like she does every day while her mom comes and plays with her one little girl.  I am not bitter.  Not. one. bit.)

So instead of getting out and doing something…anything…we are here today.  We pulled out our sight words after we read together.  These were given to me by Gran.  She always gives great educational tools to me!  If any of our kids aren’t very smart, it won’t be for lack of materials to help in this area!  It may have to do with the teacher of the material though!  A-hem.  Yes, that would be me.  


These are so neat.  They are magnetic little spongey words that stick onto these cool lap boards.  The girls love placing their words on the boards.



We also have some flash cards that Molly wanted to use.  They lack the “fun” of the magnetic words, but she enjoys holding the ones she gets correct.

DSC_0013We started with the word “pig.”  Then, the next word was “is,” but Molly couldn’t stop herself from saying the “p” sound first…”piss” is all she could say until she was redirected to the short “i” sound.  Gotta be careful with these sight words.  🙂

So, what does Mack do while these precious girls are learning????  Hmmm.  Well, I try to include him by getting out some cards that are more age appropriate for him.  It never goes quite as smooth as I would like…..


I think he is more interested in Science and why these magnetic words stick together…..


Let me get off of here.  Ruby just asked me in a very alarmed fashion if she could take all of her clothes off because she is trying to catch a fly.  Not sure what the two have to do with each other, but I would like to find out.

Oh, and one more closing conversation from last night while tucking in the kids…


Me- Let’s pray for the little boy who is so sick.

Molly- The one in the Lellow class?

Me-Yes! Molly, that is so smart to remember that from last week.

Molly- Is he a bear?

Me-***just looking at her***  No, he’s not a bear.


Where does she get these things????  I have no idea.

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