It’s gone!


Ruby lost her first tooth today!  On the morning of her recital (Saturday), she told me that something was weird with her teeth.   She said that they were “wiggley.”  When I realized that this was a huge step in her growing-up and not that she had knocked her teeth loose while playing, I got excited.  She was not so excited and didn’t like the idea of her tooth coming out.  I reassured her that it happens to all of us and that she is just getting so big and getting ready for Kindergarten.  Things just seem much better when you tie it into the fact that she is starting Kindergarten.  She reluctantly let me take a look in her mouth, but then let me know that she didn’t want to talk about it anymore.  OK.

I made some cinnamon sugar tortilla chips this afternoon because evidently I don’t mind all of my jeans being tight and feeling quite frumpy I am a fun mom like that!  The girls were eating them when the tooth came out, so excuse the cinnamon in her teeth.  Also, we can’t find the tooth!  I told her she probably swallowed it ,but she insisted that she didn’t and eventually said to me, “Mom, you have got to believe me.  I was eating my chip and then I felt something and was, like, ‘What is that?!’ and then I pulled it out, but it was slippery.”  We searched the chair and all around the chair, but could not find it.  She is upset about not putting it under her pillow.  Josh says she should mail it and send it to her Sweetie (my mom) because Sweetie told Ruby that the tooth fairy leaves $20.  Ummm, this fairy is broke and will, hopefully, be able to scroung up a dollar.  We’ll see…

Molly was proud of Ruby and wants to know when she will be big and lose her teeth.  



So even though we’d like to make Ruby stop growing up and just keep her at 4 years old a little longer, it doesn’t seem that is going to happen.  Now, if you will excuse me, I must go find some change….or maybe Ruby will take a check?

6 thoughts on “It’s gone!

  1. Wow! She is growing up! I love the pic of the sisters. So sweet! What pretty girls!

  2. Hi Ruby. I’m excited about your tooth. Don’t worry about loosing it — because if there is a tooth fairy, she knows exactly where it is and will give you a gift under your pillow. I don’t think your Daddy ever got more that .25 cents for his teeth but, being our grandaughter, I’m sure yours are worth much more. I love you and we will see you soon.

  3. awww! how sweet! she looks so cute!! i love the pic with molly too! i am with josh…i think she should mail the tooth to sweetie! haha! make sure you tell ruby congratulations!! what a big girl she is!

  4. Annie is so jealous. We’ve decided not to even show her the picture lest she throw herself up against something in order to knock her own tooth out! She has been dying to lose one but was a really late teether so no luck yet. (I told Mark we should have capitalized on her in the movie industry. Short + silly + all teeth=playing a younger child $$$$$$$$$$$$) He said not so much. He’ll wish he’d listened when college tuition is due. 🙂

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