Day 11.

Today the weather has been on the brink of rain. And today my heart has been on the brink of tears, but no rain has fallen and no tears have actually fallen. 

The kids and I are on day 11 of quarantine besides the two times we went to church to record for their mid week services. 

I want to record this time, but I don’t want to share all of my depressing thoughts.  How about just some facts?

My county is under a shelter in place ordinance starting Thursday and going through April 16th? Or 13th? I mean, maybe Jesus will come back before then so why keep up with the details?

My friend and brow gal had to close her business for a while.

My friend and hair gal had to close her business for a while. 

My trainer has to drastically change his business approach for a while.

Kids started online school Monday and things are going ok. That’s all I am willing to say about that. 

I got my third instacart delivery today. She couldn’t find any chicken, nor pizzas, nor peaches, nor pork chops and they limited my rice order even though I was not hoarding. I have three hungry children that are here all day long. The text exchange between the shopper and me was hilarious. “Sure, I’ll take whatever meat you see.”  “My husband just texted asking for Vienna Sausages. That’s gross, I know, but if you see any, can you grab them?”

I hear gas prices are super low. I haven’t noticed.

Mack is napping at 4:00 because he has been sleeping on an air mattress in Molly’s room. When I try to make him go to his own bed, he starts sulking about this being his 13th birthday week and what a disaster everything is, so I give in and let him sleep up there. Manipulation. It works on me.

Rolo seems to be happy that we are all here most of the time. I some times catch her going away from everyone and napping. I am sure she is still super confused.

I don’t have much of an appetite these days. My stomach is in knots. It’s disappointment monsters wreaking havoc on my insides probably.

The weather looks like it’s going to warm up and be lovely over the next few days. 

I exchange funny memes and texts with my sisters, and I heave complaints in their directions because they will always love me.

I am sad today.  I do not like being sad. 

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