43rd Birthday!

Move over, December birthday whiners!!!! There’s a new kid in town–the quarantined birthday recipients.

Today is my 43rd birthday. I am on day 17 of quarantine/social distancing. 31 more days of our state mandate to stay at home except for essential business. 

I woke up, gave myself a pep talk about getting out of bed to start this day, and then remembered it was my birthday and was able to put my feet on the floor. I made my bed and then opened my door to go get the coffee going. And I was surprised to see that Mack had worked hard while I slept!


I cannot believe how amazing of a kid he is! He thought ahead and snuck my gift wrapping bag into his room earlier in the day so he would have all the supplies he needed. I love him so much. What a thoughtful guy.  Josh saw it when he came out of the closet and said, “Yeah, happy birthday, Kristy. It hardly seems enough with all this that Mack did.” And we laughed. Then, Josh and I were both in the kitchen and he had to write a check. He looked at me and asked, “What’s the date today?” And then he caught himself, and we started laughing again. I laughed really hard. He didn’t find it quite as amusing. But let’s just say, Mack outdid himself. 

I had a great walk this morning and sensed the Lord’s presence so near. I saw several birds with food in their mouths as they hopped along the road and flew into nearby trees. I thought about God’s Word that clearly tells us God takes care of the sparrow, and we are of more value than they are. He sees me. Every step I take. Every emotion I feel. Every disappointment I face. Every need I have. Every fear I encounter. Every dream I dream. He has seen my whole life before a day of it even began. He cares for me and reminds me not to worry about anything—and that’s a great thing to think about on my quarantined 43rd birthday.