COVID-19 quarantine, 3/20/20

Day Seven.

Mack, after not finishing his chores and asking for a break and balking that I gave a time limit if his break included a screen, just came into my room where I was folding clothes and said, “Let’s talk about it. I am feeling some tension.”


I said, “You go first, Mack. What’s the root of the tension?”

“Well,” he says, overly assured of himself, “it seems to me that the patience level is down and the tension level is up.”

Truer words have never been spoken. 

I grappled with God about it this morning, as I have every morning since learning the kids would be schooling at home again and BONUS!—we get to pay big bucks to school at home now. The Lord has heard my lamenting, and He is more than capable of handling my hissy fits. And He uses His word and presence to redirect my thoughts and help me see better. But I quickly lose my vision-HIS VISION- for this season. I am having flashbacks of our worst home school days and sheer dread falls over me. I thought I was finished with this. God says I am not.

So day 7 of quarantine may be best summed up in photos rather than words. I am not mature enough to share my raw thoughts. I could wrap them in spiritualities and only give you the bright spots, but I’d rather wrestle through some things and hope I have something worthwhile to share at a later date. 


Woke up and spent time with the Lord. All was going well. Kids still sleeping.

Time to wake kids and go for a walk. (Not pictured: Rolo and Ruby because I snapped at her out of frustration and Ruby decided she’d rather walk a different route. Fine. This is reality, people.) All is starting to unravel, but I apologize and Ruby forgives me. We keep going on with the day.

We move on to the chores. Please note Mack laying in the hallway behind Molly while she mops. Things rock along until Mack begs for a break and then, as he said so eloquently, patience began to get low and tensions began rising.

I need to get some more verses written and posted around the house. These two aren’t cutting it.  I’m kidding, I’m kidding.

I pray that patience isn’t running low in your house and that tensions aren’t running high. But if they are, know you aren’t alone and forget about the chores and just go for a walk.  Alone.



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