COVID-19 quarantine, it’s hard enough!

PREFACE:  I know I can be dramatic. I admit that. I own that. I am working on that. Read on if you’d like:

Soooo, last night on day 12 (or was it 11?…or was it 541? I forget), Josh and I were sitting in our chairs. Neither of us were overly talkative. I was trying to not complain, so words were few. Then, Josh decided to present the family with a challenge and wanted to run it by me before bringing the kids in the room. “I was thinking of how we could make the most of these strange times we are in,” he started.  I looked at him, unsure of what he might be about to propose, but after being married to this man almost 20 years, I had a hunch he was about to get on my nerves.  “…we should each think of something HARD and HELPFUL to do each day. Like, for me, I could set a certain amount of pushups in a day and y’all can tell me if it is hard enough and if it is helpful enough.”

I thought, but didn’t say out loud, “How about I knock you in the head? That would be hard on you and helpful for me?” But I kept my mouth shut. 

I looked him square in the eyes and said, “PUTTING MY FEET ON THE FLOOR EACH DAY THIS WEEK HAS BEEN HARD FOR ME AND HELPFUL, SO I WILL KEEP DOING IT, but why must we play this game? Don’t you think we are all doing hard things every day that are helpful? I don’t think I am going to play.”

He dismissed me and my drama and said he would just include the kids. I said, “Fine.”  They had their little talk, and I just sat back and let them. I don’t need someone telling me to do something hard and helpful. Good grief! I am in a quarantine and back to having the kids at home and overseeing school again. I’ve got enough hard.

But Josh enjoys challenges. I mean, it’s like—life is about as crappy as it can be right now, how can we be sure we are squeezing every bit of life lessons out of the situation? That sounds good to him! It genuinely does! And he will rise to the occassion and be a better person than me for all the days of his life. And I am ok with that. 

Here are some photos from the aftermath of school at home and kids at home 24/7:

It gets on my nerves. Maybe you are struggling, too? Here is a little tip—take care of one room in the house that you can escape to when the messes all over the rest of the house are getting to you. For me, it’s my bedroom. It’s small and simple and easy to make look neat and clean. So when the kids are taking over the house, I can come sit in here and read or just sit in here and breath for a minute. I have stayed away from news today and haven’t read any articles about COVID-19 and it has been soooo helpful!!! That’s all I’ve got for you today! Hope you are all hanging in there today.