what to write?

After a calm morning with my coffee and my Bible study, I took the kids to school. Upon arriving home, I’ve scrolled through instagram, written in my journal, done some laundry, cleaned a few bedrooms, ate breakfast, and perused the internet for decorating inspiration. I am putting off actually writing something. 

I love to write. I love to read. I love to post on the blog. But I am not sure of what to share today. I could tell you about one child and the messy room and makeover, but that could be embarrassing.  {This kid told me that he/she didn’t like making up his/her bed but that when they come home from school and it is made “it is like magic!!”…..I would love to hear more about this “magic” you speak of. I suppose clothes are “magically” washed, dried and folded and dinner is “magically” bought, cooked and served, etc, etc} I could tell you about the one kid of mine that forgets something every single day of the week and how yesterday was the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back, but again, that could bring shame and embarrassment, which I don’t want to do. Or I could tell about some encouragement I found in another kid’s room that lives here, but that news is personal even if it makes me extremely proud.


So what to write? I dunno. 

As a general check-in, life is good. School is rocking along and nearing the end of the third quarter. Josh’s job is going well; he enjoys what he does and that is a huge blessing. I am continuing to love my schedule, even though I spend so much time in my car. The time I do have at home in the quiet or with friends at coffee or hosting Bible Study each week is well worth running the tires of my car to death. 

This month Mack turns thirteen, and I will have three teenagers in this house. I suppose this would be a prayer request more than anything else. 

So there you have it. Stories galore in my heart and mind, but none that can be shared at this time. I could start blogging under an alias and make up new names for my kids and then I could tell all the junk and crazy stuff and encourage moms that they are not alone. I won’t be doing that—so just take this as my hug to you to say YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN YOUR CRAZY. We are all dealing with crazy and madness at some level. We just can’t broadcast it to everyone. I hope you have a friend, a sister, a mom or an aunt you can call to blab away to. I am thankful for those people in my life that I can share my stuff with and be received with laughter or graciousness or wisdom…and always with acceptance. 

Happy Thursday!