Thankful for Sundays

Sundays are a day set apart from the rest of the days of the week for our family!  We love our church family, and I am especially grateful for the people who pour into our kids.

First of all, Ruby got to take a walk from the Elementary building to The Warehouse, where the middle school and high school kids meet.  She was very excited to go out and see where she will be gathering each Sunday and Wednesday with the MIDDLE SCHOOL kids.  Josh was happy for her, but is still in a bit of denial that his baby girl is growing up.


Molly has had amazing teachers this year; Ruby had them last year.  They are young and cute and fun and love God and the girls in their class.  I am usually one of the last parents to come get Molly because I usually get stopped several times as I am making my way over to Molly’s class and sometimes I am handling logistical stuff in our own class.  They are always very understanding and patient with me.  Molly loves Ms. Hannah and Ms. Brittney.  I had to snap a picture of Molly with Brittney because they were wearing similar outfits.  So cute.


And Mack got a huge compliment from a friend of mine this morning.  Evidently he was a real gentleman and pulled out a chair from a stack of chairs for a little girl who needed a chair at his table.  Be still my heart.  I was so proud of him for doing that with me no where around to prompt him!  His teacher has also been fabulous this year.  She made this awesome sheet of pictures from their year together.


We are blessed to be a part of First Baptist Woodstock.  Thankful for those who serve week after week to share the love of Jesus with our kids.  Thankful for the group of adults we get to be a part of as we live life together.  Thankful for biblical preaching week after week. We are blessed indeed.

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