They Made It!

Hilariously, my girls had already landed in Knoxville by the time Josh, Mack, and I made it to our destination…..

Oh, MaryMac’s, you were good to us. Even Mack was happy, despite the fact that he said he wanted Chick-fil-a. Josh wasn’t ashamed at all to override Mack’s choice even though, as Mack said, “Molly told me I would be able to pick where we ate. “

Big Adventure

The girls are going to Knoxville to stay with a long-time friend for a few days….and they’re flying alone!  I am so excited for them!!!  What a great experience, and I’m sure they will gain some independence along the way. That is part of the goal in this parenting gig—to present the world with capable adults that can do things on their own.

We were excited for the journey to begin.  Little did we know that there would be ONE lane of traffic open on 285 and that we would take an alternate route and jump back on I-20, only to get right back into a red zone of ONE lane of traffic. But, like I told the girls, we are giving them the full, high-stress experience of travel…especially in the ATL. 

Molly kept saying, “Good thing we left early!” I was beginning to wonder if we had left early enough, but thankfully, Josh does his best work under stress. And these girls don’t have a better guide to their gate than him!!

Mack and I chose to say our goodbyes at check-in and then sit and people watch.  His thoughts as he looked around were, “Um, I just don’t really like these kinds of places.” He also added a little later into our waiting that he “imagined all this would have gone much quicker.” 

And here’s one more picture of the girls waiting at the gate to board…Mack says they look nervous. Those are definitely fake smiles. 

Happy Travels, Girls!!!