Fun Few Days

Mack finished up his football camp.  It was so fun to watch him play and to hear about what he learned and who he met.  He seems to have a good time out there.


Molly finished her first doll.  Forgive the funky eyes…that would be my fault.  We had never sewed eyes on a  doll or used embroidery floss.  It is quite unfortunate for the doll that I got better on the second eye, but you have to start somewhere!


I am proud of Molly!  She definitely knows the ins and outs of sewing WAY better than I do, but she still needs my help on cutting and reminding her to slow down.  I sure hope she sticks with this skill for her whole life.  It’s a great one to have!

We spent the day at the lake and enjoyed every minute of it.  We just totally chilled out—kids had their life jackets, toys and food, Josh and I had a huge float with an anchor attached so that we could just enjoy floating on the water while we watched the kids.


Enjoying our July….just wish it would slow down a little bit.

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