Boys and Girls…so very different

I know you don’t need me to tell you that boys are so different than girls.  Growing up with two sisters and then marrying Josh made me even more aware of the striking differences that boys and girls have.  I don’t know that I will ever get over noticing how very different my girls and Mack are; it really does make me laugh. This week Mack has been attending a Football Camp each evening from 5:30-9:00pm.  He comes home HUNGRY.  We told him not to eat much before he went to camp because he was liable to get sick out in that heat with a full belly.  Thinking he was fulfilling our wish, he ate “only two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches” before the first night of practice!  I have enjoyed talking to him as he tells me all about his practice and eats some late night dinner.


After he ate, the girls asked Josh to come in the living room because he needed to see their new dance.


I had to sneak this picture or Ruby might be mad at me, but I had to record this.  For some reason it just struck me funny that we went from football talk to dancing in the living room in 2.3 seconds.  And Josh was very attentive and always ends their dance sessions by telling them that if they ever need help with dance moves that they should ask him for help.  Thankfully, they know he is joking.

I found this today:


Mack has a folder he labeled “Football Plays.”  He has been adding pictures of plays he is learning.  He tried to explain them to me; I listened attentively, but still don’t quite understand. And in between football talk I was helping Molly with a sewing project. Mack was a good sport as we wandered the sewing store…I think hanging out with us girls so much will make him a good husband one day.

IMG_0874IMG_0864IMG_0861 IMG_0862IMG_0873FullSizeRender

It is a cute little doll pattern that I hope will turn out well.  If it does, I will share some pictures!  Molly is at her best when she has a project…something to keep her hands busy. And right now I am waiting for Mack and Josh to come home from Day Three of Football Camp.  Josh texted me a couple of times, as he was watching the end of Mack’s camp, and told me that Mack is a talker.  He does all he is supposed to do and talks to those around him the entire time.  I love that about Mack.  Usually.  He talks to me all the time about all manner of things.  I hope that continues his whole life. Josh talks to me, too, but he is very selective when it comes to texting.  I could show you a bazillion text exchanges where I say much and he says one word, maybe two. Here’s one of many examples:


Soooo, all these words I typed just to say boys and girls are different.  I could take this topic into a political discussion, but I don’t think that would be very helpful.  There is definitely no gender-neutrality around here!  Different as night and day….and I love it.

Weather App

What a storm we endured last night!  Whew.  I was extremely glad to pull in the garage last night after driving around in that awful mess.  I picked Ruby and a friend up from a Bible Study and quickly realized that things were looking rough.  We made it to our friend’s house and decided (after ten minutes of coercing and a prayer time with the girls) to run into the friend’s house and stay there until the worst of the storm had passed.  They have a toddler and a five year old and two older girls.  The five year old said, “Raise your hand if you’re freaked out!” and the toddler raised his hand…it was a bit of comic relief amid the lightning and thunder and rain and the smell of smoke coming from their garage.

I say all of this to say that my Weather App has gotten confused. I was using it often last night in that storm as I tried to figure out when the best time was to leave their house and then used it more to show Molly that, indeed, she could sleep in her own bed and that lightning wasn’t going to strike her in the top bunk.  Back to the Weather App debacle.  I got my new phone last year before we took our once-in-a-lifetime trip to Israel.  Because of this timing, I put Jerusalem, Israel into my Weather App so I knew what to wear and if I needed an umbrella or not, etc.  Ever since that trip, I would pull up my Weather App and the first city to pop up would be Jerusalem.  I couldn’t bring myself to delete that amazing city, so I kept it there and always checked to see what kind of weather Jerusalem was having before moving on to the blessed city of Woodstock.  It put a smile on my face because I immediately thought of those memorable days standing in Jerusalem, Israel.

However, something happened….and I am trying not to blame it fully on my DollyWood-loving kids…..but now every time I pull up my Weather App, the city of Pigeon Forge, TN pops up on my screen.  I mean, I like a good day at DollyWood and the cinnamon apple bread is divine, but it is a FAR CRY from Zion.

I’m going to need to figure out how to save Jerusalem as my preferred city.  No offense, Mrs. Parton.images