Another funny thing from Mack

(Read my last post…there are pictures from the weekend with Aunt Marcy and family.)

I had to post this before I forgot.

Last night Mack was trying to put off getting in the bed, so he told Josh he needed to brush his teeth.  Josh was tired and it was way late, so he told Mack no and that he could brush his teeth tomorrow.

Mack said in his most whiney of voices, “But, Daddy, I have to brush my teeth or else they will get tangled.”

The things that boy comes up with…..

One thought on “Another funny thing from Mack

  1. Kristy!
    So fun to see all of your kids (and your sister’s:) I felt like a stalker showing up to your mom’s house Thanksgiving…hated that we didn’t get to catch up. Maybe one day soon! If you are like Katie, your home visits don’t usually have much time to spare, but I would love to see you one day when you make the Augusta trip:) Tell Josh hello!

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