It’s Cubbie time!

This is what it comes to when you are the 3rd child!  This bag was Molly’s bag, so we had to put duct tape over Molly’s name and write Mack’s name.

But he couldn’t be prouder.

Nor could Molly…we were all so happy that he was so excited to be a Cubbie Bear!  He talked the entire way home with Josh about all the fun he had.  He also wanted to take his book and bag to his bed.  He is wearing his vest as we speak.

We are so proud of him starting Cubbies.  He has to start some memorizing this week.  That will be interesting.  I will keep you posted on how that goes.  I have a feeling I will need to go get a new bag of tootsie rolls for some bribing.

A special thanks to GG for sending Molly some birthday money…we all went to the movies today and had a ball.  Looks like the birthday festivities are already starting.