Molly’s 5th birthday

Molly woke up bright and early on her 5th birthday.  That seems to be her pattern–birthday or not, first day of school or not.

We did our school work after opening presents and having a birthday breakfast.  Then, we waited on Josh to get home so we could go get the girls nails done and then eat some pizza and try a new ice cream place.  It was a fun night; Molly felt very special!

She played with Play-doh (thanks, Mrs. Mary!).

Mack took a nap while we waited on Josh–could he be any more relaxed?!

Molly was going to wear her new boots, wig and baby out until she realized she wouldn’t be able to get her toes done unless she wore some flip flops.

Ruby chose blue finger nail polish and pink toe nail polish.

Molly opted for green and red….Can you say “Merry Christmas” ?

A happy little 5 year old!

We all had a fun night celebrating Molly’s 5th birthday!  I asked her where my 4 year old Molly was, and she told me she was gone.  I guess I can only see my 4 year old Molly in pictures….like this one from her first day of school:

And my three year old Molly:

And my two year old Molly:

We wish you many more, Molly Moodle!