Dinner conversation

Tonight before church we stopped in at Wendys for a nutritious meal.  The girls and Mack were supposed to be sitting at a table waiting for me.  Ruby came over after a minute and said that a group of teenage girls were laughing at them.  I told her that they probably just thought they were really cute.  Ruby just looked at me like I was crazy and dead wrong.  I told her to get the other two and come stay with me.  Molly chimed in and seemed to think the girls were being nasty.

We chose another table where they couldn’t see the girls.  ANYWAY, I told them that this should be a lesson in how to treat people and that they should remember that it didn’t feel good to have someone laughing at them.  I proceeded to tell them about a time that I had a short hair cut in 6th grade and some older kids asked me if I was a boy or a girl.  I told them that it really hurt my feelings.  Ruby had a sad look on her face for me and asked me what I said to them.  I told her I said I was a girl, but I was still hurt that they had to ask!  Molly was just staring at me and listening.  Then, she asked, very straight-forward, “How short?”

It was as if she wanted to be sure that never happened to her, so she needed to see how short this hair do was that caused someone to confuse me for a boy.

Ruby was laughing at her, and I was giggling, so Molly got mad.  Mack started laughing, though he wasn’t sure why.  Then, Molly said to him, “MACK, JUST EAT YOUR BURGER!!”

Mack said, “Don’t worry,” and he took a big bite.

It was just a funny conversation.  These little people make me laugh.

Right now they are all in my bed watching a movie.  They just don’t think I should ever be by myself.  I mean, how awful would that be?!

4 thoughts on “Dinner conversation

  1. Somebody needs to set those “big girls” straight….wish I had been there. I would have wanted to simply ask them what was so funny?????? And you a boy???? They must have been crazy……..
    You and your kids are gorgeous inside and out……
    spoken like a real Sweetie….right?

  2. i am LOL!! this post is hilarious!! I can totally see Molly and Ruby’s facial expressions…you are such a good writer! Such detail! 🙂 And btw, I wish I would have been there to set those girls straight, but I don’t think that would have been a good lesson to teach your kids! lol! 🙂

  3. hahaha – envisioning Sweetie and Aunt Cacy fussing at those ‘big girls.’ Yeah, probably not a good lesson for the kids. This is a funny story. And don’t you love it when Mack laughs but he isn’t sure why? He just wanted to join in, much to Molly’s disapproval, huh? Such a funny, funny!

  4. Hi Kristy – I finally got back into your blog area. So cute – short haircut my mom was great for giving us perms and too tight at that. I got teased a lot because of my freckles. But all it took was for one person to tell me my freckles were pretty and that ended that. Ha, Ha. Love your family. Vance is pretty good at coming up with answers to everything too. But you have to laugh or cry with them. Sometimes you have to laugh where they can’t see you because it is really not suppose to be funny – right. Glad you had a safe trip. Hope to see you soon. GAGA

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