Better late than never….

My sister, Marcy, and her family came to stay a couple of nights with us last weekend.  We had fun watching Molly open up gifts from her Augusta family and letting the kids play together.  It was a fun, quick weekend, and I am so glad that they came.  It is crazy how opposite their children are.  I think the pictures speak for themselves:

He couldn’t have been any neater while finger painting.  And, well, she couldn’t have been any messier….

Here are a few more shots from the weekend.  Sweetie and PawPaw drove over for the day and surprised us all with a visit from them!  It was fun.

Mack oversaw Molly opening her gifts. (He wanted to be sure that yummy candy didn’t get past him…thanks, Aunt Cacy!)

This is always a good gift to give Molly!

The Fancy Nancy pajamas were a big hit, too!  Can you get any more girly??? (Please note that a movie was on the tv and Ruby and Vance are champion movie-watchers.)

She loves anything to do with art.

On the morning Marcy and Jesse and Vance and Renn were leaving, Vance wore a Toy Story 3 shirt.  Mack told him, “Oh, I really like your shirt….I don’t have one.”  He just thought his shirt was the neatest thing.  (By the way, Marcy is the last person I would have ever thought would ever let her kids wear anything with characters on it!!!)  So, today I went to the mailbox and Mack had gotten a gift from Vance……….

….and he was soooo excited to have his very own Toy Story 3 shirt!  Thanks Aunt Marcy!

Have a great weekend.