Funny story

Here’s a quick funny story for your Saturday morning.  Ruby and Molly have been making up their beds for a couple of weeks now.  Molly does pretty good.  Ruby doesn’t do so great.  One day I went in and just had to do a little tweaking to help her bed out…I may or may not have totally re-made it up to meet my standards.  Anyway, I then walked into the closet to put away some of their clothes.  Ruby walked out of the closet a few minutes later from playing and said, “Hey, mom.  Did you see my bed?!  I am starting to get the hang of this.”

Evidently, the bed looked really good to her, too!  Hilarious.

All I could do was smile and say, “Yes, sweetie, you are getting the hang of it.”

One thought on “Funny story

  1. So funny…and how sweet that you didn’t take the credit…maybe she will feel encouraged and continue to improve 🙂

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