Happy Birthday, Ruby Elizabeth!

Today we met a little friend of Ruby’s for lunch at a local restaurant called The Frosty Frog.  It was a sweet lunch!  The girls enjoyed being together.  They are so cute!

Before that we went to Target where Ruby got to pick out a present.  Things have been so crazy with the end-of-the-year stuff and then with Josh being gone for SIX DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that I just haven’t been able to get much accomplished in this area…especially with it being a secret.  SO, here is what the birthday girl picked out:

Lily Anna is her name.  She rides this horse that Ruby has named, Peppermint:

We got her a few change of clothes, too.  Ruby is very attentive to this doll for now.  We’ll see how it goes over the next few weeks.  She even read with Lily Anna.

Ruby says this is her “Sunday best.”  She can’t even touch the horse in this nice dress!

Ruby talked to Josh the morning of her birthday since he was about to get on a plane for home.  She looks so grown-up in these pictures.

Others from the day:

We had some ice cream sandwiches for dessert to celebrate Ruby’s birthday.  A couple of families are coming over Friday night to help us close out the celebration.  We’ll save the cake for that night!


We love you very much.

Now stop growing.

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  1. 6???????????? No, No, No, No (as Vance would say). Happy birthday and I love Lily Anna and Peppermint. Why was she a secret?

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