June 1st!

Whew.  I don’t know about y’all, but May wears me out!  Between end of the year programs at church, at school, graduations from little ones to big ones, Josh’s out of town schedule and Ruby’s birthday—June is a month I welcome.

Let me do a little catching up so that we can go into the summer months fresh and up-to-date….at least that is my goal.

The kids have played out in the sprinkler that Uncle Jason got them.  They were playing “Red Rover” in a very funny way.  Only one kid stood over and called for one of the other two to run over and “break through.”   Mack would say, “Rain Rover, Red Ranger, MOLLY send over.”

Ruby got a package from Gran and PawPaw the day before her birthday, she got a gift from us and Ashlyn on her birthday, then she got a package from Sweetie and PawPaw the day after her birthday.  It was loaded with fun stuff.  (I didn’t take a pic of her opening Gran and PawPaw’s gift because she got it directly from the UPS man and just couldn’t wait to open it…not to mention I was about to die on my fifth day without Josh!)

Ruby thought this book was especially appropriate for her!   Give Ruby some glasses and you’d hardly know who was Junie B. and who was Ruby E.!   I love hearing Ruby read this book aloud.  She uses such inflection and lots of feeling as she reads.  She is a smart cookie (said her Mama!).

These shoes were a huge hit, Sweetie!  Molly put them on and told me that they fit her, so maybe you thought she should wear them, too.  Hmmmm…..

Ruby’s friend, Katherine, came back to town for Ruby’s birthday.  We celebrated with them and the Barsh family and had a great time.  The kids had fun eating, playing and torturing frogs!  Yuck.

Mr. Bill helped lead the kids in a little art project.  They drew on shirts and did a great job.

Oh, this poor frog.  🙂

Last, but not least, let me show you what Katherine gave Ruby when she visited us Friday morning:

LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE paper dolls.  They are so cute!  We just love them.

Josh bought our LHOP Fox tickets for half price at Publix!  We are so excited about taking the girls to see the show.  I am hoping that they will wear their bonnets and apron that Gran made them.  How cute would that be?  Maybe Josh will wear some suspenders and boots like Charles.  If I wear a perpetual smile and let out a sweet, “Oh, Charles” or “Mary and Laura, I’ll meet you at the Mercantile after school today and we’ll walk home together” or maybe, “Good day, Mrs. Olsen!”, then I could be mistaken for Caroline….assuming I straight iron my hair and pull it back in a bun, of course.  I’ll do it if Josh will do it….and I think we all know what ain’t happenin’!

Happy June 1st!

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