Around the house/yard

Ready for church!

I like Mack’s hair spikey…he is not sure about it.

Mack found a pair of winter gloves and put them on his feet.


The girls got creative and found these boxes to slide down the hill on. (on which to slide down the hill—that is the correct way, I know, but it sounds kind of proper.)

thick, chubby feet

We tried to go through some flash cards.  Mack was in to it for about four minutes and then…

he was outta there!

Josh, can you tell I raked the backyard?  🙂

Fun summer days are already here!  We’ve had a great week.  Ruby is super-excited about tomorrow….her 6th birthday!  I am sure I will have some pictures to post.  Stay tuned.

OH, and if you’ve hung in here for the whole post and each picture, you may be wondering, “DO THE DORMINY KIDS EVER WEAR PANTS?”  They do—mostly Sundays and Wednesdays.  haha!  Seriously, they like to be real, real casual!  I just have to laugh about it.

One thought on “Around the house/yard

  1. i wish my kids would wear the SAME outfit ALL DAY!! Jud wants to match me when Brian’s at work, but when he gets home Jud feels the need to change to match Brian!! drives me crazy!! lol!

    love mackie boy’s chubby feet! and you did a great job raking the yard, although your kids are old enough to do it. you should make them! 🙂 that’s what we do…why do you think i keep renn and vance??? cheap help…and they LOVE it! haha!!

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