Ruby’s got curls!

Here is a picture of Ruby after a long day of school, but also after she had gotten a hair cut.  It curls up more and more the longer she plays outside, too.  Katherine got her hair cut so cute, too…sort of the same as her mom.  John, her husband, wondered if each girl looked like their mother’s mini-me.  haha!

A Morning Snack

Sunday morning we were sitting in church (Josh, Ruby and me).  Once Pastor Johnny started preaching, Ruby leaned over to me and said, “I am hungry.”  I told her that we didn’t bring a snack this morning and that she would just have to wait until lunch.  Her eyes got big and her mouth opened a bit.  She just couldn’t believe that she wasn’t going to get eat a snack at 8:35 in the morning.  She leaned over again and said, “Well, do you just want me to starve?!”

Yes, Ruby.  I am going to let you starve, you poor under-privileged child who never gets to eat.