Mother’s Day is coming…

Josh took the kids to Target last night so that each of them could pick out a gift for me for Mother’s Day.  He said Ruby decided very quickly and didn’t waver one iota.  This could be because she listens and remembers the best of all three of them.  I did some minor coaching, but Josh said it may have been in vain.  We’ll see.   Josh said Molly did good AFTER he convinced her that I probably wouldn’t want a purple shirt and purple pants.  For every clothing item she found, she wanted to get me another item of the same color.  Very funny.

And Mack came in from shopping with his finger pointed at me saying, “BEE-MEMBER, issa sooprize.  BEE-MEMBER, issa secret……but I got you a truck.  A big truck.”



Josh said he picked out a truck for me and said, “Do you think she will let me have it?”    Oh, how funny!  This Mother’s Day should be a memorable one!  I do love these little people.  They make me crazy, no doubt, but I love them dearly.