Crazy Kids and Consequences

Last night after church, these kids were in rare form and cracking us up.

Molly came down the stairs in these pajamas:

Mis-matched pants, fuzzy socks and shorts on top of her pants.

Ruby was full of herself and kept saying she wants to be a “poser.”  She meant to say “model,”  I think.  I hope.  Not that I want her to be a model, but I know I don’t want her to be a “poser.”  🙂

Oh, Mack.  That boy.  He was full of silliness, too.

On this rainy day we are SUPPOSED to be at a friend’s house hanging out, letting the kids play and just having fun.  BUT, Ruby made things difficult today.  I had to be the parent and make a mature decision, though I didn’t want to.  Her attitude during school time was horrible.  Today was not the first day of this either.  And school time is not the only time she is choosing to show out.  After talking to Josh, we decided that I had to say we were not going anywhere today because of her choices.  She had to endure Molly’s tears and Mack’s tears, too, and hopefully she is beginning to realize that one person’s actions do affect other people most of the time.  It’s a good reminder for me, too.

Happy Rainy Thursday to ya’!

2 thoughts on “Crazy Kids and Consequences

  1. oh no! i hate that for ya’ll! poor ruby! that’s a hard lesson to learn…for adults too! 🙂 hopefully, your day is going better than ours! i hate weather like this with a house full of kids.

  2. We have certainly been there. Once we had to leave Disney World a day early……now, that was a big lesson for all of us. Your hard decision now will be so worth it later on. You are a blessing! Thanks for sharing your heart.

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