It has been beautiful the last few days.  Today it is raining a lot, which is actually kind of nice.  Here are some pictures from our sunny days….

This may or may not have happened under my watch.

It was a beautiful day!  My kids seem to think that they need to undress in weather like this.  It has been a long time since we saw and felt such sunshine and warmth.

The girls got new beds this weekend, too.  Cindy and Rocky were selling these, and we bought them.  I love how they warmed up the girls room.  The girls really like them!

This is a bird hanging in their room that Ruby named “Sunshine.”  Josh likes to get Ruby mad by calling the bird “Moonlight.”  Not an important bit of information, but a little fact that I want to remember.  Bedtime can be going great and calm, and then Josh can say, “Goodnight, Moonlight,” and then Ruby starts fussing.  And I give Josh the evil-eye.

Have a great WEDNESDAY!

6 thoughts on “Random

  1. I love the beds with ‘microphones’ on top!!! You may not want to mention this to Ruby and Molly…they will figure it out for themselves soon enough!

  2. Love Love Love the way the beds look in the girls’ room! I’m SO glad you guys could use them! 🙂

  3. love looking at all the girlie stuff. Why do dads insist on stirring up trouble at bedtime? Dan still does it…dang!!!

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