Learning the lingo

ME:  You be the goalie, Mack.

MACK: (whining) I don’t want to be the bully.

ME:  No, the GOALIE.  You’re the GOALIE, Mack.

MACK:  I don’t want to be GIRLY!

ME:  The Goalie, Mack.  You can be the GOALIE.  Not the girly or the bully, okay?

MACK:  But I don’t want to.

None of us know about soccer yet, but it has been hilarious learning.  Mack wants to play with the soccer ball AND his bat or golf club.  None of the kicking business for him.  Ruby wants to play on her terms and with only one of us adults.  Molly just wants to kick back and forth.  She is very teachable.  Too bad her mean mama didn’t sign her up this year.

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